The Muthers (1968) watch online

Directed by: Donald A. Davis
Stars: Marsha Jordan, Kathy Williams, Virginia Gordon
Language: English
Country: Usa

Description: While their husbands are at work, bored suburban housewives hang out at the Pink Swan bar, trolling for local studs, while their teen daughters smoke pot at pool parties.

Don Davis, known for his series of Marsha Jordan ’60s soft porn vehicles, hits the bullseye with THE MUTHERS, an unfortunately forgotten movie. I liked it better than his later Jordan pictures and it deserves to be more widely known. A followup film with the same two female leads, 1969’s THE DAISY CHAIN, is apparently lost.

The story and ensemble acting make THE MUTHERS a cut above the competition, and perhaps even on a par with Joe Sarno’s more famous output from this period. You will like every minute of that rare gem 🙂

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