The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein (1972) watch online

Year: 1972
Duration: 01:21:48
Directed by: Jesus Franco
Actors: Alberto Dalbés, Fernando Bilbao, Dennis Price, Jesús Franco and Howard Vernon
Language: English
Country:  Spain, France

Also known as: Les expériences érotiques de Frankenstein, Das Blutgericht der gequälten Frauen, De verdoemnis van Frankenstein, Eine Jungfrau in den Krallen von Frankenstein, La maledizione di Frankenstein, Les expériences érotiques de Frankenstein, The Curse of Frankenstein, The Rites of Frankenstein

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Description: To all of you out there who think that the likes of Steven Soderbergh and David O. Russell epitomize independent film-making: go rent this film and let the scales fall from your eyes. Made during director Jess Franco’s amazing early 70’s period, post Harry Alan Towers and pre-porno, , theThe Erotic Rites of Frankenstein is a surrealist masterpiece, poetic, perverse, comic, and mesmerizing. Shot for next to nothing on location in Portugal film is full of evocative, wide-angle, hand held imagery that must have appeared jaw-droppingly innovative at the time, and still astounds today. Daniel White’s atonal, experimental score skillfully enhances the film’s nightmarish languor, and the roles, particularly Anne Libert’s blind cannibalistic Bird Woman, and Howard Vernon’s strangely sexy Cagliostro, are performed with aplomb and conviction. You won’t soon forget the scenes of white-shrouded undead gliding through a mist-laden forest, the strange, red-lit shots of Cagliostro’s acolytes blithely staring at cruel tableaux orchestrated for their perverse amusement, or a shrieking, silver-skinned Frankenstein’s monster relentlessly whipping a man and a woman tied together over a bed of spikes. Anyone who doubts Jess Franco’s talent should rent this DVD, and then ponder the pettifogging morass that independent cinema has become.

Dr. Frankenstein (Dennis Price) and his assistant, Morpho (Jess Franco) are in the laboratory working on the Monster. A strange vampiric bird woman, Melissa, suddenly appears, stabbing Morpho and fatally biting Frankenstein on the neck. With the help of Caronte, the blind Melissa whisks the Monster to the seaside castle of Cagliostro. He plans to use the Monster to kidnap to beautiful virgins so he can create a mate for the creature and bring about a new super-race.

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