Corruption (1968) watch Peter Cushing’s cult

Directed by: Robert Hartford-Davis
Stars: Peter Cushing, Sue Lloyd, Noel Trevarthen
Language: English
Country: Uk

DescriptionA surgeon discovers that he can restore the beauty to his girlfriend’s scarred face by murdering other women and extracting fluids from their pituitary gland. However, the effects only last for a short time, so he has to kill more and more women. It is ultimately a killing spree which ends with considerable death and disaster.

This movie stars Peter Cushing is from the sixties I think. The awful jazz soundtrack dates the movie as does the swinging 60s party.

The story is that Cushing is a surgeon. He is winching (dating) this woman. She loves herself and at the swinging party she gets a camera light in napper (face). Being the utter bitch she is she just moans, oh my face my face. So Petey being the good chap he is works out how to get her face back. He gets a gland from other women and sticks it in his bird, but he needs more than one… so the death count keeps climbing.

Although the plot is a bit predictable it is a classy movie. You have Cushing in a bit of an action hero mode, or should that be anti hero. The fights are well choreographed. Cushing is the perfect English Gentleman at the start of the movie but as time wheres on he gets more and more deranged.

This movie should be watched as considering its age it is a nasty movie. There are no nice characters apart from Cushing in it. His woman is horrible throughout the movie. She is really good looking and that is probably what got he in love with her. A great period piece.

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