Color Me Blood Red (1965) online gore

Year: 1965
Duration: 01:19:08
Directed by: Herschell Gordon Lewis
Actors:  Gordon Oas-Heim, Candi Conder, Elyn Warner
Language: English
Country: USA
Also known as: Model Massacre, Paint me a blood- red

The artist Adam Sorg lost inspiration , lost, as it seemed , forever. But one day his girlfriend accidentally smeared with the blood of the canvas . Suddenly Adam Sorg as if struck by lightning inspiration and this has led to monstrous consequences.

The film “Color Me Blood Red” 1965 is probably one of the most famous paintings of the director Herschell Gordon Lewis , the creator of gore- horror genre . The budget of this film was only $ 50,000, and ” Paint me a blood – red” can be referred to thrash , bloody , cynical and ridiculous at the same time , as Herschell Gordon Lewis (Blood Feast) in the film has found its own reading of the well-known phrase about genius and villainy .

Of course , by the standards of modern cinema , this tape even looks harmless enough , but the scenes of violence seem to be very unrealistic.

Herschell Gordon Lewis made ​​in this tape as a director and as a writer and as an operator , removing the tape rather traditional, and in the spirit of Grindhouse.The film , starring busy little-known actors, who played pretty well their characters.

I recommend this classic gore- horror to all fans of thrash metal and horror movies , especially the classic and not very well-known , and I think the film will not disappoint.

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