The Devil’s Plaything (1973) watch uncut (Remastered)

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Special Remastering for our paid member (Pitcher) HD QUALITY and UNCUT by If you need any special required movie Click Here to get your ULTIMATE MEMBERSHIP ! Directed by: Joseph W. Sarno Stars: Marie Forsa, Nadia Henkowa, Anke Syring, Ulrike Butz, Claudia Fielers, Natasha Michnowa, Heidrun Hankammer Language: English […]

Nurses Report (1972) watch online


Directed by: Walter Boos Stars: Doris Arden, Ibrahim Aslahan, Dieter Assmann, Ulrike Butz, Claudia Fielers Language: West Germany Country: Usa Also known as : Krankenschwestern-Report, Les savoureuses, Sesso in corsia, Satisfacción simultanea, Simultaneous Satisfaction, Nurse on Call Description: At the St. Martin hospital in Munich the nurses are underpaid and […]

Early Awakening Report (1973) watch online

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Directed by: Ernst Hofbauer Stars: Harald Baerow, Hans Billian, Ulrike Butz Language: German | Subtitles: English Country: Germany Also known as: Frühreifen-Report, Når unge elsker, Libres Jouissances, Porno market, 14 and Under Description: A series of morality stories told by a social welfare case worker, centering around the budding sexuality of young […]

Schoolgirl Report 4 (1972) watch online


Directed by: Ernst Hofbauer Actors:  Puppa Armbruster, Marina Blümel, Ulrike Butz Language: German (English Subtitles) Country: West Germany Also known as: Schulmädchen-Report 4. Teil – Was Eltern oft verzweifeln lässt, Barely Innocent, Campus Swingers, Reportage gyro apo tis mathitries No 4, Schoolgirl Report Part 4: What Drives Parents to Despair, Sex […]

Secrets of Sweet Sixteen (1973) watch online


Directed by: Ernst Hofbauer Actors: Werner Abrolat, Ekkehardt Belle, Marina Blümel Language: German Country: West Germany Also known as: Was Schulmädchen verschweigen, Secrets of Sweet Sixteen: What School Girls Don’t Tell, Sex efter skoletid, Skolepigernes hemmeligheder, Ce que les étudiantes ne racontent pas, Secrets of Sweet Sixteen Description: Ernst Hofbauer (director behind many of the Schoolgirl Report films and other misc. […]

Schoolgirl Report 6 (1973) watch online


Directed by: Ernst Hofbauer Actors: Puppa Armbruster, Gerd Arnau, Ini Assmann Language: German (English Subtitles) Country: West Germany Also known as: Schulmädchen-Report 6. Teil – Was Eltern gern vertuschen möchten, Campus Pussycats, Erotic Young Lovers, Schoolgirl Report 6: What Parents Would Gladly Hush Up, Thranio No 6: Erotikes adynamies mathitrion […]

Schoolgirl Report 5 (1973) watch online


Directed by:  Walter Boos, Ernst Hofbauer Actors: Puppa Armbruster, Ekkehardt Belle, Erika Blumberger Language: German | English Subtitle Country: West Germany Also known as: Schoolgirl Report Part 5: What All Parents Should Know, Skolepigesex og frække drenge, Uusi koulutyttöraportti no. 2, Chaleurs profondes, Ap’ ta thrania noiosame ton erota Description: As usual, all […]